From Unalaska to Dallas

Dallas Skyline

After more than 11 years for me and 22 for Rich, we packed up and left the beautiful island of Unalaska, Alaska for retirement life in the big city of Dallas, Texas.  I spent many years in Texas before moving to Alaska and swore I would never live here again–I’m a little too left-leaning to be a good Texan.  🙂 But eight grandkids (and their parents) scattered across the Lone Star State and the opportunity to buy a house in Dallas eventually sealed the deal.  People, I am SO happy to be closer to the kids, but we will see how well I do in the latest state to approve the “open carry” of guns.

Come along with me as I explore my new home city, get involved in the community, hang out with the kids, travel with my hubby, and occasionally opine about various issues I care about.

If you want to read more about our adventures in Alaska, our travels, and our family and friends, check out my previous blog here.


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