Family Fun

My Mom with her 4 kids, 3 of their spouses, all of her grandkids (and most of their spouses) and all of her great-grandkids–5 years ago. There are quite a few more now!

Truth be told, we probably wouldn’t have retired in Texas except for the desire to be near the kids and grandkids.  We’re fortunate to have one family here in Dallas and the other two in Clyde and Amarillo–a little bit of a drive but at least it’s no longer two days of flying to get to see everyone!  It’s great to be a part of the Dallas kids’ day to day lives,  which makes me wish we had the same opportunities with the others. There really is a difference between seeing them on visits and vacations and living in the same town.  On the other hand, hopefully we will now get to see them enough that we are not just “visitors” any more.

Though I hope to have readers and interaction on the blog, the main reason I am doing this is to keep a record of our lives so we can look back on fond memories and reminisce about where we’ve been and what we’ve done.  I started my first blog in 2008 and have periodically had it printed into blog books–we have quite a stack at this point. It’s always interesting to look back and surprising to realize how much we don’t remember! For that reason, I love having this reminder and I hope one day the kids will enjoy having the books for themselves.

It’s too much to try to catch up on several months’ worth of activities so I am just going to post some family photos and a few comments here.

Oldest grandkids Aidan and Ally came for Spring Break and we had a great time! Ally had just turned 9 and Aidan was about to turn 13 so we had a little birthday celebration for them.  Aidan requested a trip to the Flight Museum and we also rode the DART downtown and wandered around (see the Giant Eye?!). Their Amarillo cousins Emery, Luke and Ada came to visit part of the time and we hung out with local cousins Elle, Beck and Jack.  Even attempted a photo of all 8, which was largely unsuccessful.  🙂

Took a trip to Amarillo and had fun hanging out with Bonnie, David, Emery, Luke and Ada.  Went to Luke’s Easter party at preschool, played games at the house, went to the playground, cooked and chatted, laughed and told stories, and spent part of a day hiking at Palo Duro Canyon.

Mother’s Day, Bonnie and kids visiting in May, Bonnie’s kids and Sarah’s kids, Rich with Beck, Elle winning a soccer tournament.

My Unalaska friend Tammy and I are huge Bruce Springsteen fans so when we heard he was coming to Dallas, she hopped a plane and came to visit.  Her husband said, “Hey, he’s also playing Oklahoma City and it’s only three hours away–why don’t you go to both?!” So we did!  Had a ball and I was so glad she came to see us. Our cat Ajax loved her so much and wanted to sit in her lap the whole time she was here.  She said he must have smelled Alaska on her and wanted to go back to his homeland.  🙂  Tammy and I have lots in common and I miss hanging out with her on a regular basis.  Her visit made me want to make some friends in Dallas–although I love having lots of time with the kids, it’s also nice to have friends of one’s own.  It’s not always easy moving to a relatively unknown place and starting over, but hopefully we will connect with some like minded individuals and build new relationships soon.


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