Gardening Update


I actually wrote the first post about gardening quite awhile ago when I was still trying to set up the blog and decide if I was even going to do a blog again.  Now, several months later, the garden is in full swing. We had some setbacks early on–had a frost when we were out of town and came home to all of our tomato plants and pepper plants either dead or close to it. We replanted and now they are finally beginning to perk up and bear fruit, thankfully.  Next we had a huge infestation of harlequin bugs on all of the kale and some of the lettuces–no fun!  It’s an organic garden so no pesticides are allowed (and we don’t want to use them anyway) so we basically ended up cutting down the kale and lettuce to the stalks and hauling off the plants with hundreds of bugs still attached.  Luckily, other than a few strays,  we seem to have eradicated them and the plants are recovering.  The grandkids were really happy we were growing strawberries but they seem to be the favorite of worms, ants, and little varmints.  Most of them have bites taken out of them or worms crawling in and out. SO I guess we need to figure out what to do about that!

As of today, we have one almost-ripe tomato, several peppers about ready to pick, a baby squash, lots of squash and cucumber blossoms, progress with zucchini, eggplant and cantaloupe, and lots of greens.  We met some fellow gardeners last week and one of them told me, “Don’t expect to fill your pantry from your garden.”  I think she’s right but we’re still pretty proud!



4 thoughts on “Gardening Update”

  1. I had a problem with veggie eating bugs in my garden also. Mulching heavily really helped, especially with the strawberries.


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