Hurray for Summer!

School’s winding down and we are gearing up for big fun!  Granddaughter Ally is finishing 2nd grade, where she received reading and math awards and also got honors for “Best Sportsmanship,” “Most Improved” and was the “Super Catcher” for her softball team.  Her mama said Ally has found her sport and LOVES softball.

Ally and her softball teammates

Granddaughter Emery graduated from Kindergarten and received the writing award for her class. I am not surprised–she has the best imagination!  She’s definitely ready for 1st grade.


Grandson Beck  graduated from PreK and was named “Most Likely to be Seen in ‘Architectural Digest'” due to his obsessive love of Legos and his ability to problem-solve and build anything.  Too cute!

Grandpa and Gigi with Beck

Granddaughter Elle is a a great student and a big hitter on her softball team, as well as  quite the soccer player.  She and the rest of the 2nd grade girls did a fun dance performance to a medley of songs from “Grease” at her elementary school’s talent show–they rocked it!

Sarah and Elle

The kids have lots coming up, including a trip to Wyoming for my niece’s wedding in June.  Although we’ve often visited for a few weeks in the summer, we’re excited to have the whole three months to spend with everyone.  Hopefully we can keep up!  🙂


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