Weekend Update

Elle, Susan, Miles, Sarah, Corey, Jack

Youngest daughter Susan and her husband Corey came to see us for a few hours today before going to a Texas Rangers baseball game.  We stopped in on Sarah and Miles and kids for a little bit, then we drove around to see the community garden, Sarah and Miles’ new house being built, our house that we will be moving into, and White Rock Lake.  It was lots of fun to catch up on news and hang out for awhile.  We missed those two kiddos, though, who were off visiting Corey’s grandmother.  🙂

Happy weekend, everyone.  Here are some interesting items I’ve found around the web this week.  Check ’em out!

My niece Alana has always loved red pandas and now is off on a quest to visit and learn about all of the red pandas in 54 US zoos.  What a fun project! Follow her adventures here.

There’s hope in  this creative program designed to help veterans deal with PTSD and emotional issues.

Think positively about aging and live longer.

Goodnight stories for rebel girls–being a helpless princess is outdated!

Cool cats out on the street.

Ever wonder what happens to all the coins people toss into fountains?

Video games that encourage kids to think creatively.

And finally, RIP Muhammad Ali.  Although I was never a boxing fan, I think I first heard the term “conscientious objector” in news stories about him.   He was a trailblazer in many ways.





4 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Thank you for providing those links–hope, power, empowerment, art, transformation, inspiration, peace, justice, and equality: still needed, still relevant, still possible.


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