Retirement is Good!

I was never one of those people who wasn’t sure what she’d do in retirement. I couldn’t really understand the ones who said they didn’t know  what they’d do with themselves or they were afraid they’d be bored. Although I *mostly* enjoyed my career as a social worker and especially liked my most recent stint as development director for our small public radio station in Unalaska, I looked forward to retiring, not having a set schedule or a lot of obligations, and the freedom to do what I felt like doing.

I’m happy to report that, so far, it has played out in much the way I hoped.  Life is pretty leisurely–we make our own schedule for the most part and get to do what we want to do.  We have a few obligations–volunteer work and the garden, mostly, and babysitting on occasion, but otherwise we can pick and choose how to spend our days.  I highly recommend it!

Grandson Beck has been playing T-ball and we had fun watching his games despite the already VERY  hot sun!  Those poor boys had to be burning up in their uniforms.  Son in law Miles was one of the coaches and he was just great with the kids–so encouraging and low key.  Miles played baseball in college and was drafted into the minors after his junior year so he knows a lot about the game, but also about the pressures,  so I think he’s a good one to work with the kids. You could tell he wanted it to be a positive and fun experience for them.

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We get to babysit sometimes and it’s always fun to spend time with the kids.  Last week I stayed with Jack for a little bit while everyone else was gone.  He’s such a sweet, happy baby.  He takes after his Daddy and big brother–enjoys building things (see pic below)!  I stopped by another day and played lost several card games with Elle  (remember “Slap Jack,” “Old Maid,” “Go Fish,” and “Animal Sounds”?!), then we went to get a slushie and to pick up some vacuum cleaner bags for her mama.  I like getting to do these little things that we might not get to do if we weren’t living here.  We’re talking about going to a movie soon–Rich really wants to take them to see “The Jungle Book,” but both Elle and Beck say they think it will be scary.  So we will see.  🙂

Jack building with Legos. Well, Gigi helped quite a bit but he loved it!

My brother Joe and sister in law Denise own several restaurants in Jackson, WY.  Joe is good friends with a Dallas restauranteur and brought some of his staff to train at one of his friend’s restaurants here this week.  We had a delicious dinner and good time visiting with family and friends at Street’s Fine Chicken tonight.

Sarah, Joe and me
Fun group!
Sarah and Miles

Next Saturday we have a required community work day in the garden, we’re mapping out our trip to Wyoming June 18-29 , and trying to get things organized for the move into our house July 1. I’m not sure how I ever managed to have a job and get everything else done, too.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Retirement is Good!”

  1. How fun! I think I will be in your boat, too! Although I am technically “working” this summer, it has been awesome to not have to go in to work other than the occasional check-in. I am about to leave on my research/fun trip, so I feel both purpose-focused, and ‘whatever’ this morning. 🙂


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