Weekend Update


Today was community work day in the garden, one of three required throughout the year.  Oh, my goodness, I have not had so much sweat running down my face in a very long time!  But it was fun to hang out with our fellow gardeners and pretty up the common areas. I’ve joined the crew who takes care of the butterfly garden so we cleaned it up, put down wheelbarrows full of mulch, and did some weeding.  It’s a nice little sanctuary for the monarchs when they come through town.  I could see Rich from a distance, doing lots of raking and bending and lifting.  We were beat and in dire need of a shower when we got home, but it feels good to be involved and doing something worthwhile.  Above, we’re getting more squash in our plot and the other night we had a nice saute of squash and peppers from the garden, along with some fresh corn. Yum.

Here are some interesting reads I found this week.  Check ’em out!

I’ve boycotted Walmart for years.  Learn about these inspiring women taking the corporation on.

Wow.  These are gorgeous!

I saw a photo of one of my nieces in some cool cat eye glasses.  Here’s where she got them.  I might be doing some shopping.  🙂

Just finished reading When Breath Becomes Air.  Beautiful and heartbreaking.

Now reading Ghettoside.  More than heartbreaking.

My birthday’s coming up.  Rich asked me what I wanted to do and I requested dinner at Cafe Momentum.  I’ve been reading about this fabulously successful culinary program for kids in the juvenile justice system since we were in Alaska,  but we haven’t managed to eat there yet.  I can’t wait!

Before I lived in Unalaska, Alaska, I had no idea (or I had forgotten if I’d ever been told) that the Japanese bombed the Aleutian Islands during WWII.  Remnants of the war still remain on the islands to this day.  A local resident recounts her mother’s memories of the bombing of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.  Find more about this “forgotten war” here.

What a great idea!

Have a good weekend, everyone!





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