Busy Days of Summer

We’ve had lots going on!  Rich and I both have birthdays in June–mine is first, on the 13th, and his is on the 21st.  We were born 8 days apart in the same year.  🙂  The grandkids don’t quite get this age thing yet.  Recently Beck asked how old we were and I said we were both 61.  Of course, I am sure he thinks that sounds VERY old.  I then asked him who he thought was older, Grandpa or me.  He immediately said “Grandpa.”  We said no, Gigi is 8 days older.  He could not wrap his mind around it and asked, “How can you be older if you are not as tall as Grandpa?”  He then wanted to know if I was going to get taller than Rich.  🙂

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been wanting to go to Cafe Momentum so Rich and I celebrated my birthday there on Saturday night.  I loved seeing the program in operation and knowing that these young people are getting a chance at a more positive life after having some challenges in the past.  I especially liked the shrimp and grits beignets and the local veggie platter. On the way out, I asked the staff member at the register if they use volunteers but he seemed a little unsure so I guess I will need to follow up with someone at the office later.

Monday night Sarah and Miles took us to a birthday dinner at a place called Filament in Deep Ellum; Bonnie and David also contributed to the meal even though they don’t live here and couldn’t go with us.  We had a DELICIOUS dinner and lots of fun hanging out with Sarah and Miles.  Apparently we were having too much fun because we failed to get any food photos!

Elle made me a sweet bday card; Bonnie recorded her kids singing happy birthday, I had phone calls from all the kids and my Mom, lots of Facebook greetings, texts and messages from family and friends.  It was a good day, though I cannot believe I am 62 and it bothers me a little more than I want it to.  :O

Tuesday I went to my volunteer work where my sweet coworkers gave me a flower bouquet and card along with some yummy homemade lemon squares to share.  I am the only liberal in the bunch, though some of them are not nearly as conservative as others. I wasn’t sure how they would take to me in the beginning but I’ve managed to win them over with my hard work and pleasant attitude. LOL  I honestly look forward to Tuesdays even though I have to get up at 7 AM.

Grandson Luke was born on my birthday 4 years ago–what a wonderful birthday present! We weren’t able to go to Amarillo for his party this year but hopefully now that we are in TX, we can make it to more events in the upcoming years. Luke is so cute, funny, and full of life–we love him bunches!

Happy birthday, Luke!  xoxo

Now we are gearing up for our big road trip to Wyoming for my niece’s wedding. We are driving to Clyde on Saturday and spending the night with Susan and Corey, then leaving with Aidan and Ally in tow on Sunday.  Will write more about the trip as it gets underway–stay tuned!


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