Road Trippin’ Day One: Santa Fe

We got up around 7 this morning and left Susan and Corey’s at 8, stopping at the local McDonald’s for a quick breakfast before heading out on I-20.  It was raining a little when we drove off, but soon cleared and we had a pretty easy day all in all.

It was about a 7 hour drive, the longest day we will have on this trip, but the kids did great and everything went smoothly.  We played several games in the car and especially enjoyed a scavenger hunt where we had to check things off, such as “a police car with its lights on,” “a motorcycle rider with a beard,” “a driver picking his nose,” “the letter Q,” “a rusty old pickup truck” and lots more.  We saw the police car pretty early in the trip but thankfully it was not coming after us!

With the time change, we arrived in Santa Fe around 3:30 PM.  After checking into our hotel, the kids were dying to get into the pool so we went down for a swim.  Kids being kids, they immediately made new friends and had a great time playing with their fellow guests for awhile.

We got dressed and walked down to a pizza place nearby, then wandered around the square and saw some of the sights near the hotel.  Since it was Sunday, not too many places were open but we enjoyed taking a walk on a nice, pretty evening.  The last time we were in Santa Fe, Aidan was just a baby!

Now we’re just chillin’ in the hotel room and about to hit the hay.  We’re aiming for an early departure to Mesa Verde tomorrow.


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