Day Three: Ouray Hot Springs

Rich checked the weather beforehand and rainstorms were in the forecast for Ouray.  Oh, no!  The whole idea of stopping there was to visit the big hot springs swimming pool.  Ally is a little worry-wart about storms and one of our ongoing chuckles on the trip was the girl constantly looking at the sky and asking “are those rain clouds?”  When we took the kids on a road trip two summers ago, we had a funny-to-us but scary-to-Ally situation where we were all in a hotel pool when it began raining, thundering and lightning.  That child was up, out of the pool,  and running into the hotel screaming faster than you can imagine.  Bless her heart!

Rich racing a dog on the way to Ouray.  LOL

Some sights on the road.  Scenery was lovely and the road was scary at times with no guard rail, narrow passages, and steep curves.


Ally kept asking if we thought it was going to rain and if we could still swim.  Rich looked at the forecast again and it appeared that the rain was moved back a little later so we might be able to get in some swimming after all.  Of course we had not eaten lunch so we stopped in town at Maggie’s Kitchen before finding our hotel just down the road from the hot springs pool.



We got to the pool and it was overcast but not raining.  Hurray!  The kids were excited to see several different pools of water, plus a couple of slides and an obstacle course. Rich and I were content to soak in the super hot pool while the kids played and enjoyed themselves.  Eventually it did begin to rain but the pool only closes if it starts lightning so we got to stay put.  It rained pretty hard a couple of times but everyone kept playing, I kept soaking, and Rich got out of the rain for awhile.  We adults were soon ready to leave but the kids were having so much fun that we stuck it out for several hours.  Toward the end, we heard an announcement that “due to an unfortunate incident,” the large main pool would be closed for 30 minutes while they cleaned up. We surmised that someone had pooped in the pool.  🙂  It was funny to watch the lifeguards trying to find the offending turd and remove it–we’re not sure that they ever actually did. At one point we heard one say they should just let it float to the side and then get it.  The kids were oblivious, moving on to other pools and other activities.

We decided to leave our camera and phones at the hotel so we wouldn’t get them wet or lose them; therefore we unfortunately have no photos of the hot springs pool.  You can see it and read about it here, though.

Our hotel backed up to a very full, rushing river.  The kids and I took a little walk alongside and I was a bit nervous one of them would fall in while they were throwing rocks into the water. I gave them a lecture about how they could be swept away and I wasn’t sure I could save them if they fell in. Isn’t traveling with Gigi fun??!!  🙂  They were pretty good about staying away from the edge but I was glad when we finished our walk.

It was Rich’s bday so we went out to dinner to celebrate.  After dinner, we walked to a grocery store to get ice cream to take back to the room, but it had just closed!  We couldn’t find another one so we decided we’d continue Rich’s birthday party the next day.  Down for the night and on to Dinosaur National Monument next.


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