We arrive in Jackson Hole

My niece Ellie was getting married on June 25; our granddaughters Ally, Elle and Emery were set to be flower girls (and oh, so excited about it) and we would reunite with several family members while there.  My daughter Bonnie, her husband David, and their three kids were road tripping from Amarillo; David is a high school teacher but also a very talented photographer and he and Bonnie were going to be taking Ellie and Blane’s wedding photos.  My daughter Sarah and her daughter Elle were flying in the same day we would arrive by car.  My mom and my niece Abby were coming in from NJ, my sister and one of my nephews from San Antonio, my aunt from NJ and my cousin from MD, my cousin from Chicago, and my sister in law’s family as well as family friends we’d met over the years.

We were arriving on Thursday and thought the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were on Friday but we soon realized both were happening Thursday night. Luckily we made it to town before 3 PM and checked into the house we were sharing with Sarah, Bonnie and Dave and all the kids.  We had to rush to get ready and headed over to my brother Joe and sister in law Denise’s  house for the rehearsal, then to one of their restaurants for dinner with all of the wedding party, family and friends.  It was great to see everyone and to catch up on all of the happenings.

Rehearsal dinner clockwise from top L: Mom, my brother Joe, Aunt Mary; my sister Kathi and cousin Robert;  Aidan and my niece Abby;  Bonnie and me; Sarah and Bonnie; flower girls Elle, Emery and Ally; grandkids Ada and Luke.

Since we had the rehearsal dinner on Thursday, Friday was a free day.  Sarah, Bonnie and David took some of the kids on a hike in the morning and then the rest of us met up with them for lunch at one of my brother and sister in law’s restaurants, Liberty Burger. The kids had fun sitting on the deck overlooking the street.

Ada                                                             Elle, Emery, Ally, Luke, Sarah, Bonnie

We then took the kids to the alpine slide and new “cowboy coaster.”  Everything was pricy so we told them they could take one ride on the coaster (cheap grandparents!)  They loved it and probably would have gone again and again.

The younger kids had to have a driver. Aidan was the only one who could go by himself.  🙂

To placate them for not letting them ride the rides all day, we went down the hill and ran around the playground for a little longer.

Then we met up with family for dinner.  We tried two places that were both closed for private parties, then drove to Teton Village where another one was closed, and finally found a place where we could eat.  It was a little chilly sitting outside, though!



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