Fun at the house

We had a great house about 15 minutes from town.  The kids had a bunk room where four of them slept and they all played.  They also loved the hot tub and playing some big games of Mexican Train.  Aidan is the best big cousin and all of the little kids adore him.  He was so cute with the youngest ones, holding Ada and letting Luke fall asleep on his lap. What a great kid.  The three bigger girls are mostly the best of friends and play very well together, until they don’t.  We had a few squabbles but nothing big.  🙂  I think it’s hard with three–someone ends up being the odd person out periodically. But all in all they have lots of fun together and are always so happy to see each other.

I took a little walk around our neighborhood and these Wyoming lupines certainly made me think of Alaska!


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