Home, Sweet Home

We rented a U-Haul truck and hired two guys to spend a couple of hours with Rich loading and unloading the bigger, heavier items from our apartment.  We hit the jackpot with Kirk and Joseph from Trophy Moving!  One arrived earlier and got right to work; the other came on time and both worked diligently without a break to get everything done for us. I was more than impressed.

Rich and I spent the next couple of days going back and forth between the apartment and the house, finishing everything up.  I always underestimate how long it will take to do all those little things that have to be done before we are completely moved out and ready to turn in our keys. And I’ve always cleaned my own residences when moving, though it’s never been my favorite chore. I remember once in Unalaska when we moved from our little duplex by the water to a bigger one up the hill and I semi-pouted through my birthday because I was cleaning all day.  🙂  So Rich suggested we hire someone this time and I said, “Really??!!” I was so excited. Of course, I then had to sweep the floor and wipe down the counter tops because I didn’t want the housekeeper to think we were total slobs. Still, it was great not to have to worry about getting it in perfect shape for the check-out.

We’re happy to have a home of our own after living in company housing for so many years in Alaska and then in a small apartment since last October.  In fact, Rich has never owned a house in his life!  We’ve had a couple of issues already which have just reminded me that home ownership is not all sunshine and unicorns.  There’s a mildewy-musty smell and a small leak under the house so we have a plumber coming out.  The backyard pool has been contracted to a service company while we’ve lived far away, and apparently they’ve been less than fabulous, leaving the pool green, dirty, and neglected. We were unable to get anyone to return calls so we hired Miles and Sarah’s provider, who came out today and the pool already looks 100% better.  The disposal is broken in the apartment out back.  Our renters for the past two years apparently had a dog when we expressly stated “no pets,” and it appears that a third person was living here or in the back apartment as well.  Kinda frustrating, but we will get through it and get things in shape, right?

And the house will really only be our house for a few weeks because daughter Sarah, son in law Miles, 3 kids and a dog will be moving in for a few months while their new home is being built.  Rich and I are going to scoot out to the back apartment during that time. It’s pretty small so I told Sarah we might be hanging out with them a lot so we don’t get too claustrophobic. 🙂   We all get along great and I am sure it will be mostly a fun time being close by and doing things together. We’re also planning on taking a few road trips to give them a break from having parents in the backyard and us a break from the small space.

Beck, Sarah and Jack stopped in to see us. First visitors in our new home!

Our cats Ajax and Kali used to run around outside in Alaska all the time and were used to going in and out as they pleased.  Since October, they’ve mostly been cooped up in our apartment, though Rich did put some mesh up around the patio so they could go out to get some fresh air and sunshine.  They’ve been a little scared and skittish since coming to Texas–so many different and unusual sights and sounds than they experienced in Alaska!  We’re hoping to get them acclimated to the yard now that we are in a quiet neighborhood and maybe they will be able to go outside again.  So far, they’re not that interested and have found lots of hiding places inside the house.

We’ve neglected the garden a bit since we were gone on vacation (thanks, Sarah and Miles for taking care of it) and then had to pack up and move.  It needs a good weeding and the hot weather is making some of the plants play out.  Not to mention bugs, bugs, bugs. BUT we are finally getting some cantaloupe and zucchini, and I was surprised to see the eggplant was flowering after all this time. Our poor eggplant were infested with ants awhile back and I thought the plants were dead or going to be dead.  Suddenly they have revived, look beautiful, and have decided to flower. Hurray!

We’re a little tired and still have so much to do, but life is grand and aren’t we lucky to have a roof over our heads, family nearby, and everything we need?  I went back to my volunteer work today after being off two weeks and I was instantly reminded that we are among the fortunate.  I am ashamed to complain about my first world problems, that is for sure.  Have a lovely week, everyone!




One thought on “Home, Sweet Home”

  1. I am happy to be back with Internet (of any kind, but looove that it is rapid access broadband high speed instant–you get the idea!) and enjoyed being able to finally see the photos. I am disappointed though–I wanted to see the green pool. 😦


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