Camp Gigi and Grandpa

Bonnie and David are in Jamaica for five days, shooting a wedding and having a little childless vacation.   The kids arrived here on Saturday and we’ve been having a ball.  Bonnie spent Saturday night with us; Sarah, Elle and Beck came over for dinner and the kids had fun playing together.  Rich took Bonnie to the airport Sunday morning while I stayed home with Emery, Luke, and Ada, then we all went over to Sarah and Miles’ for the day.  Emery stayed the night with Elle and Beck came back with us to sleep over with Luke.  As the mom of three girls, I have my moments where I just don’t get boys!  All that potty humor!  They sure do love to talk about body parts and bodily functions. LOL

Today Rich kept the boys while the girls went for some pampering.  Elle and Emery got their fingers and toes painted while Sarah and I had pedicures and eyebrow and lip waxes.  🙂  Ada sat nicely on Sarah’s lap the whole time.  She’s so easy!  Then we played at Sarah’s again most of the day, stopped at the garden on the way home, Emery helped Grandpa cook, and the kids swam in the pool tonight before watching “The Princess Bride” and calling it a day.



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