Busy, fun times

Bonnie asked if I was getting exhausted and I replied, “Let’s just say I am used to being a little bit lazier!”  Three kids are a lot of work but I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to have them for the world.

Emery and Luke drew pictures for their parents and we posted them on Facebook so they’d see them.  So cute.

We took them to see “The Secret Life of Pets” at our favorite theater with the comfy seats that recline.  I might have fallen asleep a couple of times.  🙂  The movie was okay but I thought the fighting and violence between the loose animals and the escaped pets was a bit much, and the talk of killing pet owners was inappropriate….but the kids enjoyed the show and most of that stuff went over their heads, I think.  I wasn’t sure how Ada would do at the movie theater but we thought we’d give it a try after I saw how nicely she sat on Sarah’s lap through our pedicures.  She was free to get in if she sat with me and she did great except for a brief moment of wanting a snack we didn’t have and getting upset about it. I took her out and decided to changer her diaper while I had the chance, after which she was okay again and made it through the end.

We had more swimming days at Sarah’s.  Emery taught Beck how to do a front flip.  They were both very proud!

We colored and played games, got some slushies for a treat, watched movies, and swam some more.  Elle came and spent the night with Emery and they had some good cousin time.

Yesterday Rich went to pick up David and Bonnie at DFW and I planned to take the kids over to Sarah’s where we’d all meet up for pizza and more swimming and hanging out.  I loaded the three kids, swim suits, towels, life jackets, snacks, shoes, drinks, changes of clothes, backpacks and toys into Bonnie’s car, which then would not start.  Oh, no!  I unloaded all of the above and called Sarah to tell her the car was not operational and Rich had already left with our car. I was sweating profusely by then.  She said we wouldn’t all fit in her car along with her three kids and she wasn’t sure when Miles would be home.  My friend Karen’s car was also parked in our driveway while she and her daughter Kaci were off on a trip to Ireland and France (but coincidentally returning later the same day).  Sarah suggested I switch everything over to Karen’s car, which sounded daunting to me (car seats?? I am so inept when it comes to installing car seats these days!)  I think I wanted someone to come rescue us but there was no one who could do it.  I put the kids back in the air conditioned house and turned Karen’s car on to get it cooled off.  Moved Ada’s car seat, put in a booster seat for Luke, moved all the goods, and got the kids buckled in. Whew!  Off we went.

Meanwhile Rich was circling at DFW because David got pulled into a “special” line after going through customs for some reason and Bonnie was waiting for him at baggage claim.  They were supposed to be picked up at 4:30 and Karen and Kaci were coming in at 7 so Rich had a tight turnaround to drop off Bonnie and David and head back for Karen and Kaci.  Of course by then it was evening traffic jam time.  I got a message from Kaci saying their flight was delayed in Philly, which bought Rich some leeway. Sarah and I ordered pizza for the crowd, Bonnie and David met up with their happy and excited children, Rich grabbed a piece of pizza and headed back out for Karen and Kaci.  Bless his heart.  🙂

We enjoyed hearing about Bonnie and David’s stay in Jamaica and Karen and Kaci’s trip to Ireland (no U2 sightings, unfortunately) and France (where Karen’s son Kyle and his wife Ingrid live).

Up early this morning so Bonnie could take David to Love Field to fly home to Amarillo while she and the kids stay a few more days. We got to visit with Karen and Kaci most of the morning before they headed home to Abilene.  I’m glad we’re in our house now and have room for visitors, even if it’s still somewhat of a mess!

Karen and Kaci

Bonnie had to take some of David’s cameras in for repair and then took her car to get a new battery since we jumped it last night and it still wouldn’t start again this morning without another jump. Luke and Ada took a nap, Bonnie went to work out with Sarah, and Emery was back in the pool again.  This little fish sure does love the water!


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