We can do better

We spent a lot of last week’s evenings watching the Republican National Convention.  Now, mind you, I am not a Republican and therefore I was not predisposed to be positive about it anyway.  BUT the level of doom, hate, and fear-mongering seemed out of control.  I could spend a lot of time and space breaking down everything I found completely abhorrent but it would wear both you and me out.  The main thing I can come up with is “We can do better.”  Should I say “SO MUCH better” ??!!  Seriously, is this the way we want our country to be represented both here and abroad?  Donald Trump makes me want to apologize over and over again to so many groups of people: those from Mexico, those seeking asylum from horrible, dangerous circumstances, my sisters in womanhood, those struggling to get by on minimum wage or public assistance, people of different faiths all over the world, those trying to make it in a “rigged” system, which, by the way, is not rigged against the likes of Donald Trump or his children.

I am not a die-hard Democrat but I am holding my breath that their convention will at least have more civility to it.  It will, right??!!  I sure do wish there was a viable third party candidate but I fear the Dems need every vote they can get to keep Trump out.

It’s gonna be an interesting few months.


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