Happy Birthday, Sarah

Yesterday was my oldest daughter Sarah’s birthday.  The kids had been busy moving into our house all day Wednesday and still had a lot going on on Thursday.  Elle had been to visit her other grandparents in Cleburne so Sarah met them to pick her up and to leave Beck with them for HIS visit, then she had an appointment later in the day.  Instead of trying to go out, Rich said he’d cook her a special dinner at the house (which would be better, anyway, in my opinion).  We tried to get organized and get some stuff put away in both the house and the apartment and things were looking better by the end of the day (though still not done).

We had  yummy pumpkin ravioli with sage/brown butter/walnut sauce (one of our faves), a delicious salad, broccolini, and toasty bread with a fruit tart for dessert.  We were all stuffed and satisfied!  I had to recount the story of 24 hours of labor with no medication before having to have a CSection delivery of baby #1.  🙂  We had a lovely night sitting around the table chatting and celebrating Sarah, who’s a wonderful daughter, wife, mom, sister and friend. I couldn’t be prouder of her.  I failed to take any photos, but here’s one of their family from Mother’s Day.

Miles, Sarah holding Jack, Elle and Beck

While Sarah and Miles were still packing things up, I took the kids to buy books and to have some frozen yogurt.  It was a super hot day and there were no seats inside the froyo place so we sat outside and tried to hurry up and eat before it all melted.  🙂


Today Sarah and Miles went out of town for her birthday and will be back on Sunday.  Beck is still with his other grandparents, so this morning Elle, Jack and I ventured out to the Perot Museum.  It was very impressive and we had a great time wandering around the various exhibits. I didn’t take many pix to show you around, but I’d highly recommend it.  I went ahead and bought a membership because I figured we’d be taking all of the grandkids more than once.  I’m still learning my way around Dallas and also got to learn how to pay for parking by phone today.  Isn’t technology grand?!

Jack fell asleep in the car on the way home and I was able to put him down for his nap when we got to the house.  Elle and I played a mean game of Scrabble and then we rested a bit, too.  After Jack got up, they went swimming for awhile, had dinner, and watched part of a “Garfield” movie.  I got Jack to bed, then Elle, Grandpa and I played a crazy game of “Headbanz.”   I wasn’t very good at it. LOL

Now the kids are asleep and Rich and I are just chillin.’  I guess the rest of the unpacking and organizing can wait till another day.  Happy weekend, all.  🙂

Cute pic of Jack and Bo

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