Weekend Update

We spent a lot of time watching the Democratic convention this past week.  I may be biased but I thought it was SO much better than the Republicans’. There were some standout speeches by Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Khzir Khan, and President Obama.  Especially Michelle Obama.  I love and respect her so much. Though I was a Bernie supporter and am sad he did not get the nomination, I am excited that we FINALLY, FINALLY have a woman contender for President.  Seriously, why in the world did it take so long?  I am lukewarm on Hillary for a number of reasons but she’s so much better than the alternative in Trump.

Here are a few interesting things I came across this week.  See what you think!

I was a subscriber to Lumosity for a couple of years and religiously practiced my brain games every day. In fact, I was somewhat addicted and hated to miss doing them.  Then I read an article about a lawsuit against them that said their claims were bunk.  As part of the lawsuit, I could opt out of my automatic renewal, so I did, disappointed and feeling like a bit of a chump.  Now there’s this.

If you didn’t see the First Lady’s speech, you can watch here. It’s worth a listen.

This makes me feel hopeful about the future.

I miss him!

I can’t disagree.  If I’d been there, I might have joined in.

Beautiful fungi.

I can’t decide if these are cute or weird.  🙂  I guess if it was a drawing by a child you loved, you might be all over it.

Enjoy your weekend!









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