We celebrate Ada

We took a quick trip to Amarillo Friday through Sunday. Ada will be 2 years old on the 11th but Bonnie and David had a little party for her on the 6th since it was one of the few Saturdays David didn’t have to shoot wedding photos.  We had a donut party in the morning with David’s family and some friends.  Ada was really cute blowing out her candle and opening presents.  She loves baby dolls and got several for gifts, plus a cute trundle bed for them.  She played and played the rest of the weekend, putting those babies in bed, covering them up, saying they needed pillows and blankets, feeding them bottles and generally being a good little doll mama.  🙂

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Later in the day, Bonnie and I took the kids plus their cousin Hannah to the Discovery Center’s 40th anniversary bash.  It was hot and the lines were long but the kids had a ball. First up, Emery and Hannah wanted to climb the inflatable rock wall.  Bonnie took Luke and Ada to get their faces painted while I stayed with the girls.  It took forever, but eventually they each had a turn and did a great job going all the way to the top and rappelling back down.

Then off to get faces painted

The girls wanted to go on the zip line and Luke now wanted to do the rock climbing wall so we split up again.  The line for rock climbing was really long.  Zip line wait was long, too,  but seemed to be moving faster.  As we got closer, I saw a sign that said “must be 60 pounds.”  I texted Bonnie and asked if I should let Emery go if I wasn’t questioned about her weight and she said yes.  No one said a word (and there were even smaller kids going) so off she and Hannah went up the steps to the zip line platform.  I guess there was a reason for the 60 pound limit because Emery did not zip very quickly! At one point, she was kicking her legs to try to make herself go faster.

We finished there and went back over to the rock climbing wall where Luke was STILL waiting his turn.  Finally he got to the front of the line, got in his harness and took right off.  I couldn’t believe he actually climbed to the very top of the wall! Great job, Luke!  Then….he was too scared to come back down. Poor guy.  He wasn’t crying or upset but he wouldn’t let go so the guy holding the rope could guide him down, and he wouldn’t jump back and rappel.  Slowly, slowly, he inched his way back down step by step. Did I say the line was really long??  And it was really hot outside??  I know people were frustrated and impatient but everyone was pretty kindhearted about it.  Bonnie apologized several times and once Luke was down, he got some applause and we high-tailed it to the food trucks for something to eat.  🙂

We sat on the lawn and ate, then the kids ran around and rolled down the hill, laughing and playing with each other, totally carefree. It was fun to see them so joyful.

After more visiting, talking, laughing, eating, playing games and hanging out, we got up Sunday morning and headed back to Dallas.  Sarah, Miles and their three are on vacation in Colorado so we are on our own for a few more days and trying to get lots of chores finished up.


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