Weekend Update

How’s your week been?  Here are a few interesting things I’ve found while browsing online.  Check ’em out!

Having lived in Alaska, I like coming across articles about places I know.  St. Paul Island is in the Pribilofs, not too far from the Aleutians, though I never had an opportunity to visit.  When I worked for the Native Alaskan clinic, I was supposed to go to St. Paul and my flight got cancelled for weather EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. My friend/fellow blogger/social worker Suzasippi worked on St. Paul one summer. We joked that we were so close and yet so far.  Never got to connect in person the whole time she was there, if that tells you anything about the difficulties of traveling in remote Alaska.

Rich and I  loved Denmark when we visited last year.  And I love the idea of hygge.

A thoughtful piece from the Dallas Observer.  As a newcomer to town, I am really enjoying Jim Schutze’s writings.

Another Alaska story–I’ve seen this hashtag trending but didn’t realize where it started.  What were your #FirstSevenJobs?  Mine: babysitter, pizza server, clerk at a bluejeans store, student assistant to a German professor (who slept in a rumpled suit on the office floor while I was working), accounting clerk at a turkey processing plant (ugh, only lasted 3 weeks), hospital social worker, juvenile probation social worker.

I haven’t watched a whole lot of the Olympics but the rampant sexism is driving me crazy. When do women get credit on their own instead of as an appendage to a man? I liked this rejoinder.

Reminds me of social work school and social justice work I’ve been involved with over the years.  It would be great if everyone could take the time to learn about others’ lives before passing judgment.

Don’t you wish you’d been there to join in?  

Have a great weekend, all.


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