Another week gone by

Sometimes I think retirement is busier than working was. I know that is not true, especially in the early days when I was working full time and raising three daughters–I look back now and wonder how I did it.  When the kids were really young, my ex worked in an oilfield related job and had an odd schedule where he was on call and worked a certain number of days on, then a day off, so it was different every week. He was not home evenings and weekends very often, or was working into the wee hours and sleeping during the day.  Therefore I usually had to get three little girls ready every morning, dropped off at day care, and arrive at my job by 8 AM.  I think I went through several years in a daze because life was so hectic all the time.  So I KNOW that work life was busier than my life now, but I manage to fill my days up even without a job.  And it’s more fun!

Sarah, Miles and kids arrived back home last Sunday; Rich fixed dinner and we enjoyed hearing all about their vacation.  We went by the garden and cleared out some more plants that were wasted away and finished producing. Surprisingly we are still getting eggplant and a few peppers.  I’m also responsible for taking care of part of the butterfly garden and noticed a few Monarchs flitting around.  Rich made moussaka tonight using our eggplant and has been making baba ganoush regularly since it’s something I love.   Both very yummy.


I had another appointment with my acupuncturist, which was nice and relaxing but still hasn’t affected my headaches.  I did some research online and it looks like the usual recommendation is six sessions to help headaches so I will give it a little more time. I also found info on “chronic daily headaches,” which I have self-diagnosed since no one seems to want to give me a diagnosis.  haha  Of course, they are hard to treat. I am really annoyed by the whole thing, but trying to ignore them and carry on.

The kids go back to school on Monday. They got calls from their teachers (gone are the days of walking up to the school to see the classroom lists on the door, I guess) and went to “meet the teacher” yesterday afternoon.  They had little get-togethers with their classmates today.  Elle will be in 3rd and Beck in Kindergarten and we are hoping for a great year for both.  Jack will be going to preschool a couple of days a week so it will be quiet around the house!  The out of town kids are all heading back to school, too:  Aidan in 7th (how can that be?), Ally in 3rd, Emery in 1st, Luke in PreK, Ada will also go to preschool twice a week.

Ajax and Kali love to go outside and we hate to keep them cooped up in the apartment all day.  Kali doesn’t really leave the yard, thankfully, but our explorer boy Ajax takes off regularly. I’ve been reading on social media about coyotes killing cats around the neighborhood so we’ve decided to make Ajax stay in after dark.  He is not happy with us but we’d be heartbroken if we lost him.  Here he is sitting on the barbecue pit.  He likes to head over the fence and who knows what kind of mischief he gets into!



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