It’s that time again

Back to school.  New beginnings.  Pristine notebooks and newly sharpened pencils and brand new markers and fresh boxes of crayons.  Backpacks and lunch boxes.  A few special outfits.  Haircuts.  Going to bed earlier but not being able to sleep.  Excitement and worry. Looking forward but also feeling a little bit afraid.  Hoping for a good year, a nice teacher, friends.  Vowing to be organized, to stay on top of things, to develop a routine.  I can remember all of these thoughts and feelings to one degree or another every year as school began.  I liked school as a young kid but always felt a little anxious and never quite fit in as much as I wanted to.  This only got worse as the years went by.  By high school, I just wanted to get finished and get out of there!

I can imagine the grandkids feeling at least some of those emotions as another school year begins.  Everyone finished the first week successfully despite a few little bumps in the road for a couple of them.  I hope the bumps even out and they all have a happy time, learn a lot, and feel loved and nurtured by teachers and friends.  So many hours of the day are spent at school and I want it to be a good experience for them.

I grabbed these back to school pix from the girls’ FB pages.

My niece Missy lives in Japan where her husband is stationed with the Air Force. She had the opportunity to come home for a quick visit so she and her parents, along with Aunt Frankye, came over for dinner on Thursday night. We had a great time catching up on everyone’s news and hearing all about life in Japan.

Clockwise: Missy with her dad, her mom, her Aunt Kelle, me, Aunt Frankye, and Sarah
Sarah, Aunt Frankye, and Missy

Jack loves Ajax and wants to come see him every day.  He is really cute with the kitty.

Saturday we went to Elle’s soccer game, where she was quite the little star and scored four goals!  Unfortunately, I have no photos of the game.  Sarah and Miles had tickets to see Coldplay with friends that evening so we brought the kids home with us and stayed with them till their parents got home.  Beck was already wearing this tie-dyed shirt and found a headband somewhere, picked up Elle’s harmonica, and my thought was “what decade are we in?”  🙂


I went back to my acupuncturist on Friday and he has decided he has never had a patient like me in 30 years.  OMG.  He can’t understand why I am not feeling better.  He was not very encouraging and seemed irritated with me so I didn’t make another appointment.

We went to some estate sales on Saturday; didn’t find much but I did buy two skirts for $3.50 each and Rich got a backgammon set.  I still find estate sales mostly sad.  I feel bad for the people who once lived in these homes that are now being picked over by strangers. And it reminds me once again that I don’t want to leave such a mess for my kids!

Rich cooked for the family on Sunday night and we had a nice time visiting, as we always do.  Now we’re into the second week of school–here’s to a great year for all!