Labor Day

We’ve had a quiet three day weekend as all of the girls, hubbies, and kids were at their dad’s for his annual Labor Day gathering.  They always have lots of fun and the cousins love having this time together. Judging from the photos posted on Instagram and FB, a great time was had by all.

On Saturday, Rich and I went to the Bishop Arts District to browse the shops.  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea–it was hard to find a parking spot and the area was crowded with people.  We bought a few little gifts to take with us on our upcoming road trip, but otherwise just wandered around.  Sometimes we talk about “maybe we should open some kind of cool little shop,” but usually we end up deciding it’s too much work and we don’t really want to take it on at this point in our lives!

We watched two movies, “Brooklyn,” which we really enjoyed, and “The Hundred Foot Journey,” which was okay but pretty predictable.  Rich worked in the yard and we both did some chores around the apartment, ran errands, did a little bit of online shopping, chatted with a few people, and mostly took it easy.

I’ve been firming up our itinerary for our drive to NJ and looking forward to seeing everyone along the way.  We are stopping in Missouri to see one of my high school friends and her husband, then to the Chicago area to see my cousins, followed by a night in a hotel in Ohio or WV (no one to stay with!), on to Maryland to see a TX friend (and her mom), then to VA to my niece’s (where my sister will already be visiting).  There we’re having dinner with my sis, niece and hubby, my cousin and aunt, and some friends we met on our Australian cruise a few years ago.  After spending the night, we’ll take my sister with us to Mom’s in NJ the next morning. Whew!

I’m hoping to see a bunch of NJ family while at Mom’s.  I have one brother and family plus a ton of cousins there, and a couple of aunts still living.  My other brother and family from Wyoming will actually be there ahead of us and will have a house “down the shore” the week we arrive, so we will probably go down for a day and night to visit.  I am sure every day will be full and something tells me we might need a vacation from our vacation when we get back!  🙂

Elle loves the cats and is very excited to take care of them while we are gone.  I’m sure Mama will end up helping her somewhat but she wants to be responsible for feeding them and cleaning their box daily, which we appreciate.  We are leaving some money with Sarah and she will pay Elle each day after the chores are done, just to keep her motivated.  🙂

As we end our three day weekend, I am thankful for the labor movement and all that has been accomplished by and for working people over the years.  We still have strides to make  in assuring that everyone has a fair wage and safe working conditions but we certainly wouldn’t be where we are without organized labor, collective bargaining, and civil disobedience when necessary.  Solidarity forever.



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