Grandparent Life

We kept Sarah and Miles’ kids Saturday morning through Monday morning and had a busy, fun time.  Beck was supposed to have a soccer game early Saturday AM but it was raining and the game was cancelled.  I was kinda glad because it was going to be a full day!  This gave us time to have a leisurely breakfast, hang out, play, get dressed and set out for the next scheduled event–Elle’s first volleyball game.  She’s been practicing for a couple of weeks but had never played volleyball before now.  You can tell the girls are still learning because hardly anyone can get the ball back over the net once it’s served.  So basically, if you can serve over the net, you earn a point pretty easily.  🙂  It was still fun to watch and they won both of their games.  Elle even got one serve over the net and got a point for her team. Yippee!  She said she loves volleyball, and might even love it more than soccer, which has always been her first love (and don’t tell Daddy!).  She’s a busy girl and wants to be involved in everything.

We came home for a little break, had lunch, and then Elle had a soccer game. Jack was napping so Rich stayed home with the boys while I went to Elle’s game.  They lost badly, which was a bit of a surprise because they are usually  pretty dominant.  Elle did score one of their two goals but otherwise was disappointed in the way things turned out.  But I think it’s good for kids to learn to lose gracefully and not be too caught up in the idea of winning.

Elle and Beck talked Rich into making hot chocolate–maybe they think fall is in the air.  We have had a few cooler days lately. That night Rich talked the kids into watching “The Jungle Book.”  We had wanted to take them to see it at the theater when it first came out but the kids both thought it would be “too scary!” They agreed to rent it on TV and ended up liking it a lot, so that was a success.  Oh, and Elle learned how to blow a bubble gum bubble!

Sunday we lazed around the house for most of the day, the kids “helped” Grandpa wash the car, then Elle had cheerleading practice. Didn’t I say this girl was into everything?  We had a little bit of a fiasco because she wore her uniform to practice and when we drove up, all the other girls were wearing regular clothes.  She was upset and embarrassed and didn’t want to get out of the car. I told her it would be okay and no one would care but she was insistent that she couldn’t do it.  So I told her coach the situation (she was very kind and understanding) and we hurried back home to change.  I was torn between insisting that she just get out of the car and go (suck it up) and giving in.  She was so distraught and I remembered all of those feelings of not fitting in and being embarrassed to be “different” and decided it was not the time to teach a lesson about sucking it up.  🙂  Plus I am a grandma and I am allowed to give in to the grandkids, right?

Jack woke up at 4:30 this morning for some reason. I tried to let him cry in his crib for a little while, hoping he’d go back to sleep, but he didn’t.  I went in and rocked him for awhile till he went back to sleep around 5.  Then I couldn’t fall asleep!  I had my alarm set for 6:30 to get the older two up for school and I think I dozed off at 6.  Elle and Beck were easy and cooperative getting ready for the day and Rich stayed home with Jack while I drove the big kids to school. They were proud of me for getting them there with no problems …. and EARLY!  Hurray for Gigi!

Sarah got home around 11 AM (Miles went straight to work) and Jack was so happy to see her! It was very sweet.

Meanwhile, Rich and I took our cats Ajax and Kali to meet their new vet and get their annual checkups and shots.  They do not like to get into their carriers and probably have traumatic memories of those long flights from AK to TX.  Kali kinda hunkers down and gets quiet once in her carrier but Ajax cries and whines and carries on.  Once we got to the vet’s, though, they were both great and let her examine them without freaking out. They were even quiet through their shots and getting microchipped, which we thought we should do now that we live in the big city, a far cry from our little island in AK.

Kali says, “this is the life!”

Now we are trying to get ready for our road trip, leaving tomorrow afternoon as soon as I am finished with my volunteer work.  Stay tuned for dispatches from the highways and byways.


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