Warrensburg, Missouri


Pond at Jeanie and Randy’s house

We had a pleasant drive from Muskogee to Warrensburg and arrived at my friend Jeanie’s house around 2:30 PM.  She and Randy were waiting for us and we were very excited to be reunited after all these years!  We figured it had been about 33 years since we’d seen each other–we’d visited once in our 20s when our kids were quite small, and have kept in touch over the rest of these years through letters, Christmas cards, and eventually Facebook.  🙂

Randy was super friendly and welcoming and we spent a few hours sitting on their nice covered patio in the lovely late summer weather, drinking beer/tea and chatting the time away.  They then took us on a little tour of their town and pointed out Jeanie’s parents’ and siblings’ places.  We stopped by her brother John’s house and said hello–I hadn’t seen him since he was a little kid!

We went out to dinner and continued our conversation, then dropped the guys off at home while Jeanie and I went to visit her mother in an assisted living facility nearby.  She has Alzheimer’s and recently moved in.  The place is beautiful and Jeanie goes by every day so she stays on top of things.  Her mom remembered me from all those years ago, remembered my parents and the names of my sister and two brothers.  We had a good visit with her and I think she was happy that I came, though Jeanie said she will probably not remember it tomorrow.  Such a devastating disease.

Back to the house, where we sat outside awhile longer, listened to music and reminisced some more.  Jeanie brought out some old pictures and yearbooks and we laughed at our younger selves.  Reading the notes I had written in her yearbooks, I was struck by how much we actually DIDN’T remember.  I made reference to several events, activities, and memories that I am sure I thought I could never forget but now I have no idea what I was talking about!  Too many years gone by.

We eventually got worn out and had to go to bed.  The next morning Jeanie fixed breakfast for us, we visited a little longer and took some pictures, then loaded up the car and set out for my cousins’ in Chicago.

I’m really glad we had a chance to stop in and catch up!  Rich felt right at home as they were both so kind and welcoming to him; I was glad to meet Randy after all these years, and Jeanie and I picked right up where we left off.  It’s wonderful to have good friends who are with you through all of the twists and turns of life, no matter how many miles are between you.  Thanks, Jeanie and Randy, for a lovely time!



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