Family time

After leaving Arlington National Cemetery, we stopped for lunch and drove to my niece Kristinn’s house in Alexandria VA.  We’d never met her husband Patrick and their new baby Johnny so we were excited to get to see them.  We hit it off with Patrick right away and Johnny is the cutest little guy. Well, I shouldn’t say “little” guy. He’s a big boy!  Kristinn’s older two kids were with their dad so we didn’t get to see them this time, unfortunately. My sister Kathi (Kristinn’s mom) had been visiting for the past week or so and we were picking her up to take her with us to New Jersey to see Mom.

We chatted at Kristinn’s for a few hours, then Patrick left to play basketball with his “over 40” league–it was their first game and they were short handed so he really couldn’t miss.  The rest of us, plus Kristinn’s good friend Teddy, met my Aunt Teresa and cousin TM for dinner at a place called Kapnos Taverna.  OMG.  We ordered a bunch of small plates to share and we could do nothing but rave about the food.  SO delicious.  It was great to catch up with Aunt Teresa (91 and still going strong!) and TM, and to meet Teddy after hearing lots about him for a long time.

We had considered spending the night with Kristinn but Mom wanted us to try to get to NJ sooner so we hit the highway right after dinner and drove on in to the Garden State.  We arrived around 11:30 PM and chatted with Mom for a bit before heading off to our comfy beds.  Long day but full of good stuff.  🙂


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