Last Day in Jersey

Tomorrow we hit the road and head toward home.  It’s been a great visit and I am really happy we had the chance to see so many family members this time.

Today my cousin Bud came over; he’s in town from Florida to celebrate his sister and brother in law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  That’s my cousin RuthAnn and her husband Rick, who were here on Tuesday night.  They apparently did it up right–they had “bachelor” and “bachelorette” parties last night, then had a wedding Mass today complete with their original bridal party and all of their kids, grandkids and other family members in attendance, followed by a luncheon for all.  Their kids sent them to Atlantic City for three days for a repeat honeymoon.  Pretty sweet.  Anyway, Bud came by to visit and we enjoyed hearing about his life and his kids and grandkids.  Denise and  her mom came in from the shore and unloaded a bunch of stuff into Mom’s house while Joe took Ellie, Blane and Brooke to the airport.

After Bud left, the rest of us drove over to see Aunt Gin.  She is always full of laughs and we were happy to have a little bit of time with her.

Mom and I went for massages this evening.  Oh. my. goodness.  I love a massage!  I’ve been having trouble with headaches and neck aches so I asked the massage therapist to concentrate on those areas.  My neck does feel a lot better tonight so hopefully it broke me out of my ache-cycle.  She put peppermint oil on my temples and massaged my head, too.  It felt great!

From there, we went straight to meet Rich, Joe, Denise, Denise’s mom and boyfriend at a Chinese place for dinner, where we shared a bunch of apps and entrees.  Everything was delicious and we had a nice time chatting with everyone.  Came home and continued telling funny family stories till we were all too tired to go on.  🙂

Off to bed for me and we will be taking off early in the AM.  First stop, Durham, NC to visit my cousin Kirby and any other members of her family we can find.  We are spending the night there, then stopping in Greensboro NC the next morning to see my Aunt Jeanne.  After that, we’ll drive on to Birmingham, AL to spend a couple of days with our good friends Adrienne and Bill.  More fun ahead!


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