Home Again

We had a very long drive today!  We left Birmingham around 9:30 AM and ran into several traffic problems throughout the day.  After our GPS sent us on a couple of unfathomable routes a few days ago, we were quite suspicious and distrustful of its directions today. At one point, it told us to get off Interstate 20 for 12 miles and then to get back on again. We thought, “Hmmm, maybe there’s some construction and the highway is closed or something.”  Reaching the suggested exit, we looked around and couldn’t see why in the world we should leave the highway.  Traffic was flowing smoothly, the road looked fine, so what was the deal?  “Every time we followed the GPS off the path on this trip, we ended up further behind,” we told ourselves.  So we made a split second decision to stay on I-20. What could go wrong??  You guessed it–we were hardly past the exit when we came upon a huge line of cars that were completely stopped.  For miles.  And miles. And miles.  OMG. Why did we not listen to the GPS??!

Between construction and a couple of bad accidents, we were really behind schedule all day long.  We finally made it home about 8:30 PM, very tired, but happy to see Sarah, Miles and Elle (the boys were asleep) and Ajax and Kali.  We chatted for a few minutes and Elle caught us up on Ajax’s antics.  We unloaded the car and ate a little something.  Now we are just chillin’ and feeling good about being home.

Road trip stats:

  • Drove 3810 miles
  • Saw 18 states, plus Washington, DC
  • Visited 70 fun and fabulous people (and two cemeteries)

What a great time we had!





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