Weekend Update

We’ve been back at home for a few days, catching up on chores and errands and bills and other things left waiting while we were on the road.  Today we weeded and cleaned out our garden plot so we can get ready to plant some fall veggies, then went to the grocery store to replenish our goods.  Rich was going to mow the lawn but our brand new lawnmower wouldn’t start so he’s been troubleshooting and trying to figure out what’s wrong.  Perhaps the fact that we left it out in the rain while we were away?!   Oh no.  Now he’s washing the car instead!  We’re happy to be back with the kids; I helped Elle with her homework a little bit last night and babysat Jack while Sarah did the school pick up.  Elle has volleyball and soccer games tomorrow so we will go to those and/or stay with Jack while he naps, depending on how the schedule works out.

I haven’t posted my favorite internet finds in awhile but here are some I’ve been reading the last few weeks.  As you can probably tell from the links below, I have a lot on my mind about equality and justice.

If this doesn’t make you stop and think…..

What kind of protest would be acceptable?

Good to know.  I can see the reasons, can’t  you?

Great idea!  And I would love a taco truck on every corner, just saying.

I am not a fan of Walmart.  And I don’t understand all these people who dislike public assistance but who support Walmart’s policies all the same.

An art exhibit about work.

Cool stuff happening here in Dallas. Food over football=great decision,  in my opinion.  🙂

I love Springsteen. BRUUUUUUUCE.  Love him.  I am excited that my copy of his new autobiography just arrived. ‘Scuse me while I go read.

Have a fun weekend.







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