Handyman, Kali, Monarchs, Garden, Peacocks

Rich bought himself a big ole tall ladder so he could get up on the roof and clean the gutters.  We lived a lot of years in company housing in Alaska, where the maintenance department took care of everything so Rich is actually enjoying his newfound competence around the house, yard, and tools.  He installed a new garbage disposal and fixed the water filter and ice maker on the fridge all by following YouTube videos and doing some research online.  He is now the master of lawn mowing and weed eating and hedge trimming.  I’m anxious to see what other new skills he obtains through the joys and trials of home ownership!

We finally bought some fall plants to put into our plot at the community garden: cauliflower, broccoli, red chard, lettuce and cabbage.  Monarchs are starting to come through the butterfly garden — they’re so pretty.

The other day I went with Sarah to walk through their new house, which is coming along nicely.  Their neighborhood is home to a large flock of peacocks who just wander around several streets.  Pretty cool to see several of them on the side of the road, though none would consent to spread their plumage for us.

Our little Kali is the shy one of the cats but I caught a quick pic of her outside.  She usually runs away as soon as someone approaches.

We’re babysitting tonight and getting ready for a little trip to New Orleans Monday through Thursday.  I’m still trying to get over my throat and ear infections–I sure thought they’d be cleared up by now and I kinda dread getting on a plane with an earache so here’s hoping I will feel fine by Monday!

What’s new in your little corner of the world?



11 thoughts on “Handyman, Kali, Monarchs, Garden, Peacocks”

  1. I’m cranky, I’m cranky. I put up all the laundry. I did all the laundry. I’m cranky. I’m cranky. I put up all the dishes. I did all the dishes. I’m cranky, I’m cranky. (Please note that you should sway back and forth and do this to the tune of a rap song to get the full effect.)

    Retirement: it may be coming sooner than they think. 🙂

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  2. I was looking at the pictures and realized Rich is on top of the house? Made me think of Bruce’s song Jack of All Trades: I’ll mow your lawn, clean the leaves out your drain; I’ll mend your roof to keep out the rain…:)

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  3. Wow, it was your lucky day when you found Rich. He is a great cook, can fix anything around the house and is a fantastic grandpa. He is what real men are made of.


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