We continue eating our way through New Orleans

We slept in a little bit the second day, then walked to Canal Street to catch a trolley to our lunch destination, Shaya.  Seriously, we left our room before 10:30 for an 11:30 reservation but we didn’t realize just how long it would take. First we walked several blocks to the trolley stop and then it took a good little while for the trolley to arrive.  We got on with a whole bunch of other people and it was slow going with all the stops along the way.  We finally got off at Napoleon St. in the Garden District, but then we had to walk 7 more blocks to the restaurant and it was already 11:30 when we exited our ride. Rich called to let the restaurant  know we’d be late and to make sure we could still come; thankfully they said it was no problem and they weren’t super busy.  Whew! We were a little hot and sweaty by the time we got there!

Shaya serves modern Israeli food created by James Beard Award winning chef Alon Shaya.  Not only is he a great chef, he also supports kids in need with his former Home Ec teacher through the Shaya Barnett Initiative.  How cool is that?

Lunch was fabulous–wonderful freshly made pita straight from the wood fired oven, baba ganoush, king trumpet mushroom hummus with braised greens, black harissa and gribenes, pickled veggies, roasted brussels sprouts, and lamb kebobs all shared between us.  So good!

We walked around Magazine Street and the Garden District before catching our trolley back to the hotel.  While Rich rested, I sat out on our balcony enjoying some iced tea and watching the world go by.  Later we walked to a Vietnamese place, 9 Roses Cafe, and had some bahn mi and pho.  Another lovely day in New Orleans!



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