Dallas Arboretum with Beck’s Class

Sarah asked me if I wanted to be a chaperone with her when Beck’s Kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum.  “Sure!” I said.  At the time I was thinking we’d be gone an hour or two. She told me we were leaving the house at 10 till 9 and we ended up not getting home till after 2 PM!  But it was really a fun day, not too hot, and there were plenty of parents so we really only had to keep track of Beck and Jack, who came along with us. We hung out with some other moms and kids at various times and everyone loved the pumpkin patch and the children’s area with lots of interactive activities.  The day concluded with a little class on the life cycle of the pumpkin, which Sarah attended with Beck while Jack and I walked through the gardens.  Jack was so cute when he saw lots of flower petals that had fallen to the ground. He kept saying “Uh-oh! What happened?!”

Look at those fancy pumpkin houses!


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