Goodbye, New Orleans

14725458_10207494238130526_4091598610060159939_n-1We slept in our last day, had breakfast at the hotel and had to check out at 11, though our plane did not leave till 8:45 PM.  We stored our bag and decided to ride the trolleys into different areas than we’d been before, walked around a bit, and lost a little money at the casino (Rich)  while killing time, drinking tea and reading magazines (me).  Instead of taking a cab, we thought we’d take the trolley and the bus to the airport, thereby taking up a little more time and saving some money.  We managed just fine and got to the airport early but we were tired by then and it was all okay by us.

I took some photos of people working throughout the time we spent in NOLA. I am always interested in “regular” people and how they spend their days; I kept thinking about how they were busy doing their jobs so that we could have a nice vacation.

After all those years flying in and out of the Aleutians, I was not too worried when the pilot said we’d be experiencing some turbulence on the climb out of New Orleans and the flight attendants would be staying seated for the first 30 minutes.  We’d been warned of turbulence flying into New Orleans earlier in the week and it was NOTHING.  I was smug about it.  I guess that’s why I got my comeuppance on the trip back home.  I was not happy with all the rolling and dipping we did and it seemed to drag on forever. I told Rich I thought we were finished with that kind of flying!

We arrived in Dallas late that night, got a good sleep, and took over for Miles’ mom the next morning, babysitting Sarah and Miles’ kids till they arrived home from their anniversary trip to New York City later that night.  Back to our busy life!


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