Normal Life

I am still reeling from the election but we are carrying on with lots of activities to keep our minds occupied.

First, we had helpers in the garden.  This was right before Halloween so the crops are doing even better now.  I’ve never planted fall/winter veggies before so it will be interesting to see how they do–hoping they will be a nice addition to our meals!

Next, Beck and a friend celebrated their November birthdays together at Pump it Up.  Beck’s bday is not really till the 23rd and he shares his bday with his cousin Emery so we will have a little family party when Bonnie, Dave and kids come to Dallas before Thanksgiving.  It was pretty crazy at Pump it Up and it smells like old socks and BO but what can you do when it’s your grandson’s party?!  Big fun was had by all! I did get to chat with a couple of Sarah and Miles’ friends who are on the liberal end of the scale–nice to know we are not alone!

Last Friday was “Grandparents’ and/or Veterans Lunch” at Elle and Beck’s school.  I guess they figure that most grandpas (and some grandmas) our age might be veterans?  We asked the kids what they wanted us to bring them for lunch; Beck wanted Wendy’s and Elle wanted Taco Bueno.  Beck’s lunch was at 10:40 (kind of early for lunch, isn’t it??) so we left the house in time to drive to both places to get lunch and make it to school for Beck’s dismissal.  No problem with that; in fact, we were early enough to stop by our garden plot which is near their school.  It was fun to hang out with the kids and chat about school and friends and life while sharing lunch.  Then back home and it was barely afternoon.

Last night Sarah and Miles went to a James Bond-themed fundraiser for the kids’ school so we babysat.  It’s hard to believe but they will be moving out before Thanksgiving and we will be moving back into our house after a few months in the Granny apartment.  I have to say it’s been a great experience all around! We have not had one issue and everyone’s been very respectful of each other’s space and time.  We’ve loved having them right across the yard where the grandkids can come out and say hi any time, or grab a popsicle from our freezer, or look for the cats, or tell us about their day.  We’ve enjoyed sharing dinners together a couple of times a week, running errands together, and helping each other out.  I’m gonna miss them a lot, even though they’ll only be 10 minutes away.  I’ve always thought a commune was a great idea and now I am even more convinced!

Sarah and Miles decked out for a night on the town

6 thoughts on “Normal Life”

  1. I always enjoy seeing the children of your children, and recalling when their mamas were still under your roof. I am glad that you are there now and getting to enjoy time with them, and gardening and hanging out in “the city.” I am trying to make the best spin on things as I can right now, knowing that we have been here before and will be here again. (Bruce Springsteen). Some days I think I am rising to my higher self, and other days…not.


    1. Thanks–being with the g-kids certainly takes me back, too. I sometimes think my own girls should still be the ages of the grandkids.

      It’s really hard for me to rise to my higher self right now but all we can do is keep trying, I suppose. Part of our higher selves is calling out the foxes, right? WWLD? 🙂


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