Life’s been rolling along.  Sarah, Miles and the kids moved out of our house a week ago and we sure do miss them, even though they just live a few minutes away.  I was so used to having them right across the yard that even a few minutes’ drive seems like they live across town. It’s just different than sharing space! But we are happy for them that they are in their beautiful new home and back in their former neighborhood among friends that they love so much.  And it’s certainly easier for them to get the kids to and from school and all of their activities that are closer to their house than they were to this one.

The kids were nice enough to pay for a housekeeper to come over and get the house ready for us to move back in. That was happening on Saturday and without really thinking about the schedule of events, I’d planned to go to Abilene the same weekend to meet up with my dear friends I hadn’t seen much at all during this past year.  Sometimes I think we saw people more often when we lived in Alaska because we would be very deliberate about making sure we squeezed everyone in when we came for visits. Now that we’re closer, it doesn’t seem so urgent or something–trying to juggle everyone’s schedules leads us to continually postpone and figure we will work it out eventually. Anyway, I texted my friends Karen, Connie and Kelly several weeks ago to say, “Hey, I’ve been back in Texas for a year and we haven’t managed to all get together yet!”  Everyone had conflicts and things already planned but Kelly mentioned that her family was having a “Friendsgiving” celebration on the 20th when her son, daughter in law and new baby would be in from Denver.  We all said we could make it and then later I realized it was the same weekend we were supposed to be moving.  Oops.  Well, I was not going to be the one to cancel, so I decided I would just take a quick trip despite all of the other things going on.

First I went to Clyde to see Susan, Aidan and Ally. Corey was at work, unfortunately, and I didn’t get to see him this time.  Aidan was at the track with his Grandpa Tommy so Susan, Ally and I drove out to watch him practice for awhile, then we left to get some lunch, drove into Abilene and bought some little books for the new baby, then headed over to the gathering.  It was great to visit with everyone, especially these friends whom I’ve known since we were all young moms (or in some cases, before they even had kids) and who’ve been with me through thick and thin.  Our fifth group member, Rudene, passed away from breast cancer several years ago now and we still miss her presence when we are all together.

I didn’t get back to Dallas till 9 PM so I was too beat to do any moving.  🙂  With family coming for Thanksgiving, Rich and I decided we’d just move the essentials–enough stuff to make Bonnie and Dave and kids comfortable and enough to throw a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bonnie’s family arrived late Tuesday night.  Grandkids/cousins Emery and Beck share a birthday on November 23rd, one year apart, so we took all the kids to Urban Air, a big trampoline place, on Wednesday morning.  They had a blast! We thought we’d just be there an hour but they were having so much fun we stayed quite a bit longer.  Leaving there, Sarah and Bonnie took all the kids to pick up some lunch and go back to Sarah’s, while I rode with Miles and David to pick up an 8 foot table I’d rented for Thanksgiving.  Oh, did I mention the new dining room table we’d ordered wasn’t going to make it in time for the holiday?!  We purchased it on November 2 and the salesman originally told us it would take a week.  Now it is not due in till NEXT week, and the only other table we own is a round four-seater.  Not quite big enough for our crowd of 12.  🙂

We got the table, dropped it off at the house where Rich had been doing meal prep all this time, then went to Sarah’s to eat lunch with everyone.  Went back that night for pizza and birthday “cookie cake” and presents for the birthday buddies.  Happy Birthday Emery, age 7, and Beck, age 6!  Emery is into drawing and designing clothing (told her mom she wants to learn to sew next) and lots of crafty things. For her birthday, she requested an organizer for all of her supplies. Rich and I went to Lowe’s and got her a 39-drawer container that’s really used for nails and screws and that kind of thing but it’s perfect for crafts, too.  Then to the Dollar Store to buy beads and thread and pompoms and glitter glue and sequins and stickers and a ton of other items to put in the drawers.  She was SO happy!  The organizer has gone back and forth between our house and Sarah’s house the last few days as she and Elle (and sometimes their brothers) have been crafting like crazy.  Too cute.

Beck is taking an art class (and told us “I don’t do sports anymore!”) so he requested art supplies for his birthday and we got him some art paper, paints, brushes and crayons with different colors at each end.  He also likes Rich to make paper airplanes with him; they enjoy looking up various designs and trying to see which ones fly the best.  So when Rich found a paper airplane launcher online, he HAD to buy one for Beck. Wowie, that thing is something else!  It really does shoot the plane quite a distance and all the kids have had a ball trying it out.  So Gigi and Grandpa did well on birthday gifts this year.  🙂

After a fun evening together, Rich and I had to get back home and finish Thanksgiving prep. I had a pumpkin pie to make and he was working on homemade rolls.  Bonnie’s kids wanted to spend the night with their cousins so the whole family ended up staying at Sarah and Miles’, playing a crazy new game called LOLz. OMG, I cannot even explain it so you will just have to look it up here.    You have never seen anything so hilarious!  🙂


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