We are Thankful

Despite being only partially moved into our house and our dining room table not arriving in time for Thanksgiving, not to mention the fact that Donald Trump is our President-elect, we have much to be thankful for.  I was reading a lot of posts on Facebook about people dreading Thanksgiving, not wanting to be with their families because they disagree so vehemently on politics and the state of our country right now, which makes me doubly thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family who agree with us on *most* issues and we didn’t have arguments or have to do our best to avoid strife over dinner. Now, if my extended family were present, that would be a different story altogether. LOL

Rich and I were up early finalizing the food prep–he made so many delicious items for dinner but we were having too much fun chatting to get any photos of the spread.  The kids and grandkids came a few hours beforehand and helped us finish up, including David (with assist from Miles and some of the kids) putting together TEN, yes TEN, new dining room chairs so we’d have somewhere to sit!  We’re just a little bit last minute, wouldn’t you say??

Right after Sarah and Miles moved out, I was feeling a little melancholy with them gone and I had already decided I was going to make these little Pilgrim hat crayon holders for the kids’ table, so I finally dragged everything out and *made* myself do it.  I am NOT crafty (Emery did not get her skills from her Gigi!) and I usually end up making a mess of things that are much harder than they appear to be.  However, these little hats turned out pretty well and were not that difficult.  I didn’t have a button to put on the front as a buckle, so I borrowed some pompoms from Emery’s bday gift instead.  I was pretty proud of myself and the kids really liked them so that made me happy.  🙂  They did quite a bit of coloring while waiting for dinner to be ready.

We had a fabulous meal and lots of good conversation around the table; just wish Susan, Corey and kids could have joined us and it would have been perfect! After dinner, the grandkids put on a Thanksgiving play they’d been working on–too cute.  We’d been discussing the “old days” when all the men retired to the living room to watch football while the women cleared the table, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen; Bonnie said that her mother in law told her that before Bonnie joined the family, NO ONE did anything to help clean up.  I remember saying once at my ex-in laws’ “Next year, how about the women go sit down after the meal and the men do the clean up?”  Met with total silence.  LOL  Of course I have the best sons in law ever and this year Miles and David took on the task. Thanks, guys!


The kids and grandkids walked to the park while Grandpa and I rested our bones, everyone tried the paper airplane launcher and gave it two thumbs up, we watched (or semi-watched) the Dallas Cowboys game, chatted some more, ate some desserts, hung out.  Suddenly out of nowhere Rich told us he was sick to his stomach and had to retire to the back apartment.  Bless his heart!  He was afraid it was food poisoning (a terrible thing for a chef to consider!) and worried the rest of us would get ill as well, but no one did.  Not sure what he had, but he was down for the night so the rest of the grown-ups had another round of the LOLz game, this time the “naughty” adult version. Let me tell you, I have never said nor heard such nasty stuff around my daughters and sons in law but we were laughing so hard!  Good thing the grandkids were occupied in another part of the house!

Sarah, Miles and kids left for home as Sarah’s dad and his wife were arriving at their house after the football game.  The rest of us were pretty tired and soon headed for our beds but first I laid with Emery for a little while because we like our bedtime chats.  This time she wanted me to tell her about when she was born,  so I recounted the story of Grandpa and I living in Alaska, coming to the lower 48 a few days before she was due so we wouldn’t miss her birth. We decided to go to Chicago for a couple of days before coming to Texas and had barely checked into our hotel room when Bonnie called to say she was in labor and going to the hospital.  I told Rich we had to go!  We changed our flights and got to Dallas that evening but there was only one seat left on the next flight to Amarillo.  Instead of being nice and waiting for the following flight so we could go together, I told Rich I had get on this flight,  took the last seat, and left him stranded in Dallas to wait for the next one!  I still didn’t make it to the hospital before Emery was born, but it was just a couple of hours later. I remember being so sad I missed her birth!

Today’s a quiet day; Rich is feeling mostly better, though not completely.  I had some time with the kids this morning and Bonnie returned the rental table for me, then they went to Sarah’s to have Thanksgiving #2 with their dad.  I think they’ll be back here to spend the night unless the kids all conspire to stay together again (I love it that the cousins are so close!) and they are leaving to go home to Amarillo in the morning.  It’s been a good visit and we are always happy to have them here.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving wherever you may be.  I am hyper aware of all the sadness, strife and problems in the world today and I know that many people did not have a good holiday nor have any reason to acknowledge it. I am especially thinking of the Native Americans at Standing Rock and how ironic it is that many of us are celebrating Thanksgiving while America’s indigenous people are being oppressed once again.  I know that I benefit from my white privilege and so do my kids and grandkids and I want us to do our part to move toward a more just society for all.  Then we can be truly thankful.


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