Imagine all the people

Today’s the day John Lennon was killed in front of the Dakota in New York City.  In 1980, I was a graduate student at the Rutgers School of Social Work, living in South Jersey, raising one daughter and pregnant with the second. My radio alarm went off that morning and “Imagine” was playing; I remember thinking, “Oh, I love that song–what a great way to wake up.”  Then the DJ said, “In case you haven’t already heard, John Lennon was shot to death last night.” I was disoriented, half asleep, sat up in bed,  and thought I’d misunderstood.  Unfortunately, no. There was a big vigil in Philadelphia a few days later,  but it was cold and rainy and I was pregnant and had a toddler and didn’t make it. Now I wish I’d gone.

Rich and I were in Iceland in 2015 and had the opportunity to visit the Imagine Peace Tower, built by Yoko Ono in honor of Lennon.  It’s only lit at certain times of the year, around his birthday, death day, and holidays, but I was still happy to get to see it.  Imagine Peace.


My friend Joel was in NYC with his family recently and posted this pic on my Facebook page–Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  I gave him a framed photo of the same spot years ago after we bonded over our mutual love of the Beatles. Sweet that he remembered and sent me one back.


Given the current climate in our country and around the world, I would like to imagine all the people living life in peace. I would also like to imagine nothing to kill or die for, no need for greed or hunger, all the people sharing all the world.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope one day you’ll join us and the world will live as one.


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