As the mom of three daughters, boys are a bit of a mystery to me.  Not to appear  too gender-stereotyping, but they do seem a bit hardwired in certain areas like making weird noises, playing rough, and enjoying lots of potty humor.  🙂

Our oldest grandson Aidan, 13,  was named “7th grade boy of the month” for his middle school. We are really proud of him!  His mom said he was interviewed for the local paper so we are all anxious to see what he had to say.  He’s getting tall and  his voice is changing…we have a teenager on our hands. He’s busy with school, basketball and motocross, and still likes the adults in his life…for now!


I got to babysit youngest grandson Jack, 2,  a couple of times this week while his mom went to the older kids’ holiday parties at school.  Apparently the school has made a new rule that siblings can’t come any more.  What’s up with that?  Jack is a cuddler when he wants to be (saying “huggie, huggie”) and an independent toddler the rest of the time (“no, no, no!”).   He really doesn’t give me any trouble and we have fun hanging out together. It’s fun to watch him learn new words daily and see a little bit of a bossy side emerging. “Gigi! Sit down!”


Beck, 6,  came home from his Kindergarten holiday party excited to show me his blinking red nose, the ornaments he made for the tree and his picture of Rudolph “trying to see the North Pole in a blizzard.”  He’s super smart–seems like he is not paying a bit of attention and then remembers everything that was said.  He’s taking an art class, playing basketball and loves all things Lego and super hero, plus he has the kindest heart of all.


Bonnie posted this picture of Luke, 4, which kinda sums up the two sides of all of our boys: sleeping like an angel with a puppy dog and a sword.  🙂  He’s also into Legos and super heroes and he and Beck are the best of friends when they get together to play like crazy boys! Luke has quite the imagination and can make up all kinds of stories for your amusement–he’s very funny and silly and sweet.  He goes to an all day PreK and I am amazed at how much he’s learning. His math teacher mom was very excited when he came home one day and demonstrated an A-B pattern.  I can’t say I even knew what that meant.  🙂

15094979_10208050251674220_1767861918908505134_nI sure am thankful for these four who have enriched our lives so much!


4 thoughts on “Boys”

      1. Thanks for the congrats. I know! He still has those big beautiful blue eyes and long, long eyelashes. Even better, he’s a great kid! I’m curious to see what he said about himself in the news article. 🙂 It could be a hoot.


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