Merry Christmas

We had a lovely dinner with Sarah, Miles and kids, as well as Miles’ parents, grandmother, brother, sister in law and their two kids.  After dinner, we exchanged gifts-mostly the kids, but Rich and I got a gift certificate from West Elm so we can get some more furniture for the house.  Nice!  Although Breakfast with Santa was our gift to the grandkids, we were at World Market recently and all of their toys were 40% off so I couldn’t resist getting them each a little something to open on Christmas.  Elle got a set of stencil tattoos, Jack got some little cars, and we gave Beck a box of “classic jokes” and some laser fingernails. LOL  The jokes were a huge hit–including a ring that squirts water, a “nail through the finger,” ice cubes with bugs in them, and a pack of gum that snaps your finger when you pull out a piece.  Beck had more fun trying them all out on the “unsuspecting” crowd.  We were cracking up at how much he loved them.  Grandparent gift win!

It was warm today after the recent chilliness and raininess. We enjoyed sitting outside; sure did not seem like December!

Tuesday we are meeting Susan halfway and picking up Aidan and Ally to come stay till New Year’s Day.  We’re excited to see them and have them visit awhile.  Then Bonnie and her kids might come see us for a few days after the 1st.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate!




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