Grandparent Life

We drove about an hour and a half to Santo, TX today to meet Susan and pick up Aidan and Ally.  While at the travel center, we had lunch together at Taco Casa before heading back to Dallas.  We were excited to see the kids and they were excited to come with us!


Got home and Ally thought it was warm enough to get in the pool even though she forgot to bring her bathing suit. I gave her a T-shirt to wear and she ventured in a little bit. I think she just wanted to prove to us that it wasn’t too cold for her because she didn’t stay in too long.  🙂   Then we went to the grocery store and stocked up on some food they like as well as some candy snacks to take with us to the movies later in the day.

We went to see “Moana,” one of the latest Disney animated films. It was okay but I am not a big animation fan and I caught myself drifting off to sleep a couple of times. haha  The kids enjoyed it, though!

After the movie, we came home and played several rounds of “Racko,” which Grandpa won and  Aidan came in a close second after leading part of the time.  Ally and I pulled up the rear but at least she got a “racko” and I did not get any.  No fair!!

15672493_10208051743387809_7848435545246205043_nAidan and Ally are both expressing an interest in “being a chef” so Rich had them assist him in making burgers for dinner.  They seemed to have fun in the kitchen!  Later we watched “Batman v Superman” and ate ice cream straight from the cartons…why not!  Ally made some bead necklaces for herself and cousin Elle and I wrote a few emails.  Now it’s getting close to bedtime!

Ally can’t wait to see Elle and hopefully we will get together tomorrow if Elle is feeling better–poor thing came down with strep throat over Christmas apparently and went to the doc yesterday.

The kids brought some Christmas money with them and want to go shopping while they’re in the big city.  They also talked about going to Jump Street and I have a membership to the Perot Museum which has a lot of interactive activities for kids so we might make it to those places as well.  I’m sure we’ll stay busy!  So glad they’re here!



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