All this and chocolate chip cookies

Yesterday we spent several hours at Sarah’s so the cousins could play together. They had a great time on the trampoline and just hanging out.  It’s always fun to see them together and I’m glad they all get to build those cousin relationships.

When we left, we stopped by the garden which is very close to Sarah’s house, checked on our remaining plants and gave them some water.  Came home and played half a game of Mexican Train, Ally helped Rich make pizza for dinner, we watched some TV, and off to bed.

This morning we got up and headed to Urban Air to meet up with their cousins (and their cousins’ cousins from Miles’ side).  It was big fun jumping on trampolines, climbing on obstacle course equipment, playing dodge ball and running around to their hearts’ content.

We came home, made some lunch, and then set out on a shopping trip to spend their Christmas money.  Susan had told the kids “there are more places to shop in Dallas!” but when I asked Ally where she wanted to go, she said “Target!” LOL We went to Target, which is at least a “Super Target” compared to the regular Target in Abilene…but she couldn’t really find anything she wanted.  Aidan, however, found a video game.  From there we went to Best Buy where Aidan got some more Playstation stuff, and to Toys R Us, where Ally stocked up on several items: two games, some aqua beads, and a pocket puppy play park (something new to me).

Supper tonight was spaghetti with garlic bread, we finished our Mexican Train game (Aidan won with Grandpa a close second and the females pulling up the rear again…dang it!)  Rich and I helped Ally set up her aqua beads set and she made her first design, which thrilled her to death.  At 10 PM, Rich decided that chocolate chip cookies were in order.  Yum.



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