And before you know it…

Friday we slept in a little and then hung around the house for the morning because we finally had some living room furniture delivered. Hurray! Then we’d told all the kids (except Jack who would be napping) that we’d take them to a movie in the afternoon.  The guys went to see the new Star Wars and the gals agreed on “Sing.”  It was cute, but, again, I am not that crazy about kids’ animated movies so I got caught with my eyes closed a couple of times.  🙂   After the movie, we went back to Sarah and Miles’ and ended up staying through dinner so the kids could play. They really do have a great time together and we love seeing them enjoying themselves with their cousins. Ally and Elle had been begging for a sleepover but there were reasons it wouldn’t work just about every night–Elle was going to be playing in a soccer tournament Saturday so Sarah wanted her to get enough rest.  We were consoling them over no sleepover when Sarah realized the tournament didn’t start till 10:30 rather than 8:30, so she relented and the sleepover was ON. Two happy girls!  I’d told Elle she could join us at our house but Ally thought Elle’s house was much more fun (which is admittedly true with all of the toys and activities that I am lacking).


Saturday morning, I met Sarah, Miles and kids at Elle’s first soccer game–tied 1/1 with a boys’ team and were ahead most of the game–go, girls! Afterwards,  we took Beck with us, went home, made lunch, and took off for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science for a couple of hours. The Museum is super cool and has all kinds of great exhibits, as well as interactive areas for the kids.  I bought a family membership last year so I am determined to get my money’s worth!  The kids had a great time and didn’t really want to leave so I consider it a successful outing!

Sarah and Miles had already planned to have several families of friends over for New Year’s Eve so we dropped Beck off and went to do our own thing. First we risked running out of gas because Rich likes to get his discount gasoline at participating stations once he has enough grocery store points. LOL  Our gas gauge showed 5 miles left and suddenly dropped to zero so I “made” him stop at a little convenience store near our house to get a gallon before we continued.  The things we do to save a couple of bucks!

Though it was still early, we decided we were hungry enough to stop for a New Year’s Eve fried chicken dinner at Popeye’s.  🙂  The kids deemed the chicken good enough but no one was too thrilled with the spicy Cajun gravy on the mashed potatoes.  Lesson learned.

Later, I went to the store to buy some ice cream and non-alcoholic bubbly for our NYE celebration. I also found a “party for four in a bag” and threw that in my cart.  Hats, garlands, masks, noisemakers, horns and confetti–what else could we possibly need?  And very ugly and cheaply made, to boot!

We played a messy game of “Pie Face,” Grandpa won AGAIN at Rack-o, we ate ice cream and candy, and watched the NYE festivities on TV.

We took selfies and posted our greetings on Facebook and Instagram (these photos crack me up!)  We waited it out till the ball dropped in NYC at 11 PM Texas time.  We blew our horns, yelled “Happy New Year!” and made a fuss.  We toasted with our sparkling apple-cranberry drink and the kids rated it “too sour.”  So much for that.  We stayed up till midnight in Texas, blew our horns again, yelled “Happy New Year!” some more, kissed and hugged and what do you know…it’s 2017!

Susan and Corey came to get the kids today.  The house sure is empty and quiet! We visited awhile and then went over to Sarah’s to hang out a bit and let the kids play together one last time.  Rich and I are chillin’ but it won’t be quiet for long!  Bonnie and her three will be here tomorrow till Friday!

I know 2016 wasn’t the best for many people and I am still appalled by the election, but all in all our family was  fortunate to have had a good  year.  I feel very thankful because I know that is not the case for everyone in our state, in our nation, in our world.  Maybe not even in our neighborhood.  I hope 2017 brings more peace, love and justice to all.  Let’s do our best to make things better in our own little corner of the planet, and then reach out as far as we can go.  It’s up to us.

I want this sign for my yard.  Want to join me?  You can get it here.



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