Next round of visitors

Bonnie and her kids arrived the day after Susan and Corey picked up theirs (David stayed home so he could get some work done).  We’re happy to have the little Amarillo crew in town!

Thursday Sarah and Bonnie went to Midland for the funeral of my niece’s ex husband who was tragically killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve at only age 40.  He and my niece have two precious teen daughters who are understandably devastated and my girls wanted to be there to support their cousin and her kids.  Elle and Beck were at school but we had Jack along with Bonnie’s three kids for the day.  We played at home in the morning, then drove over to Sarah’s to wait for the older two to get home from school. Stayed with them and let the cousins play till Miles got home from work, then he took over with his and we brought Bonnie’s back to the house.  Everyone was sweet and cooperative and the girls got in late that night.  Off to bed for a very exhausted group of people!

Yesterday Bonnie and I took her kids to the Perot Museum (yes, you know I am trying to get the most of my membership).  The kids had a great time!  Last night Rich cooked a fabulous dinner for everyone and we hung out at our house.  I took no pix!

Today we went to see “Moana” (second time for the person who doesn’t like Disney animated movies so much!) and when we came out, it was snowing in Dallas.  Bonnie was going to leave today but the weather forecast was not good so she decided to stay over till tomorrow.  We are not sure if it will be any better then.  I was also supposed to meet my Abilene friends in Ft. Worth for lunch tomorrow but we will see what it looks like in the morning.

Emery is reading her Ivy and Bean books really well on her own and it’s been fun listening to her.  She’s learning new vocabulary, including “tightwad.”  LOL  She’s also been learning vocabulary from Grandpa who does not dumb down his conversation for kids.  The kids have had fun trying to befriend the cats; Ajax is somewhat accommodating but Kali steers clear. We got home from the movie today and 2 year old Ada said to Ajax, “Hi, kitty cat; we are back!”  Besides reading, we’ve played with play-doh, watched movies, played games and chatted about all kinds of things.  Emery got her ears pierced for Christmas so we’ve been cleaning them three times a day and she just CAN’T WAIT till she can change them out. She told me her favorite earrings were “food” earrings, ice cream cones and hotdogs and some that even have “eyes” on them.  “They’re ADORABLE.”  She cracks me  up and I might have to buy her some.


2 thoughts on “Next round of visitors”

  1. Well, once again, you have worn me out! I just thought I had a busy day with finding out at noon that they were renovating our classroom beginning Monday and yes, EVERYTHING had to be out this afternoon. Let me just say that in exchange for J helping me with the printer, microwave, mini-fridge, and laptop–which required his superior skills in decoding to disconnect, I let him rant and rave about stupidity and agreed every few seconds. Glad you are having fun, and hope Bonnie can get home tomorrow.


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