A quiet house

Bonnie and the kids left this morning.  Yesterday after the movie, they played with their cousins when they got home from school and ended up staying through dinner and beyond. Ada was asleep when they got home but the other two wanted to stay up and play a few rounds of Mexican Train while eating cereal.  My mom apparently saw the pix of us playing with Aidan and Ally last week, with our dominoes set in front of us on the table,  because she messaged me, “I sent you some domino racks!”  Those arrived recently so we broke them out and used them for playing, which definitely made things easier to handle.  Thanks, Mom!

We read some more books and then off to sleep.  It took awhile to get everyone fed and dressed and packed up this morning, but we wanted to try to squeeze in a trip to Target to look for throw pillows for Bonnie and earrings for Emery.  My windshield was frozen so Bonnie left to put gas in her car and I met her at the store.  She found some pillows she wanted but the earring selection was pretty slim.  Emery still chose a few she wanted but I don’t think they were exactly the kind she had her heart set on.  Tonight I found a few online and a kitty cat earring holder that I ordered for her.  I hope she will be happily surprised when they arrive in a few days.

They made it  home in good time and Bonnie said the roads were fine, thankfully.  Rich and I have had a VERY quiet and laid back day.  I did a little bit of laundry, paid some bills, wrote some emails, picked up a few things, but didn’t even take a shower and have been mostly chillin’ out.  I almost feel guilty!

Happy weekend!



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