Weekend Update

With the inauguration approaching, I am ready to lace up my activist shoes and get back to work.  I have to admit to being a little bit complacent the last few years, a little tired of the fight, feeling a little older and isn’t it some other people’s turn?  But apparently not!

I’m getting involved in a local group that has evolved since prior to the election and we are “fired up and ready to go” as we used to say during the 2008 election. 🙂  I held my nose and signed up for updates from my US Senators (yes, THAT Ted Cruz and John Cornyn…how lucky am I?) and my Rep (Jeb Hensarling…conservative Republican).  It makes me cringe to get messages from them but I want to know what they are up to!   And then we have the Texas Legislature, which is doing its best to out-conservative NC with a bathroom bill, among other things.  SO yes, there’s work to be done and I am anxious to connect with these like minded women to work locally, state-wide and nationally on issues we’re concerned about.  There was a meeting today and I chose not to go while Bonnie and kids were still here, but I hope to make the next one.

And now that the holidays are over and we don’t have any  more guests, I am ready to begin my volunteer work with the refugee organization.

With that in mind, and more, here are a few good reads.

Proud of my professional organization.

I am making a point to finish all of these articles.  As a white person, I know I still have a lot to learn.

Thinking about signing up for this.

Yeah, it’s the new year and I need to do better.  But I love it so.  🙂

Lots of cool posters here.

Interesting challenge; might do it.

Comic relief, these crack me up every week.

Happy first week of 2017.  I hope it’s been a good one.




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