Tuesday night we went to the community garden’s annual meeting. Although we have had mixed results in the garden this year, we decided to sign on for another stint.  There’s gonna be a seminar for beginning gardeners next month, so we will attend and see if we can get some more pointers!  The main problem lately has been an abundance of rats in the garden who have managed to devour plants from almost everyone’s plots.  A team of rat-catchers has been assembled and will hopefully take care of those critters. The meeting was held in one of the public library branches, which made us discuss the fact that we have not checked out our local library nor obtained a library card yet.  When we were in Unalaska, I was part of the “Friends of the Library” organization and enjoyed our very nice little library out in the Aleutians. We resolved to find our nearest branch and check it out soon.

We’ve been doing well with going to the gym; have made it 3 days out of 4 this week.  🙂  After working out today, we came home, showered, and went to visit the library branch closest to our house.  There we met a very friendly woman who signed us up and gave us the scoop.  I asked if they used volunteers or had a Friends of the Library group and she said yes to both.  So I am thinking about getting involved with those.  And since we are being more frugal in retirement, it makes sense to check out books or download from the library than to purchase those we want to read.  Our bookshelves are pretty full already, anyway!

I also finally have a task with the refugee organization. Next week, I will go shopping and set up an apartment for an individual before he arrives. I’m excited to get started.

Tonight I went to a meeting of progressive women (and a few men).  It was GREAT to see so many kindred spirits (75 people, maybe!) and to chat with some of them. We had speakers from Annie’s List, the League of Women Voters, Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety, and the local Democrats.  A staffer from our state rep’s office was also there and introduced herself.  My state rep is a young woman who beat the incumbent Republican. Wowie!  I told her staffer I’d help out where needed. And may get involved in my precinct…we’ll see.  Soon I will be overbooked!

Surprisingly, despite the mood about the national election, I am feeling positive about local action.   There were so many YOUNG women at this meeting!  Makes me hopeful. Kinda calms me from my ill will toward the Congress working on repealing the ACA in the middle of the night.  And the horrible Trump press conference. And the terrible people having confirmation hearings for jobs that they are not qualified to do.  Man,  I really need to keep thinking about those passionate young women ready to take on the world! All politics is local, right?





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