January 11 was my youngest daughter Susan’s 34th birthday.  She says she can’t imagine being 34 and I say I can’t imagine my YOUNGEST being 34!  I can still picture her as a tiny little curly headed girl running around in her diaper.  I’m sure that’s not what she wants to hear!  She is working as a nurse assistant at a nursing home and finished her certification class recently so she is gearing up to take her exam.  She loves her patients and I know she is kind and caring toward them. And I know they are glad to have her there! She and Corey are raising some super kids and she’s a fun, funny, and determined young woman.

Today is my mom’s 86th birthday. She might not be happy with me for stating her age but I think she should be proud to have reached this milestone.  She’s pretty amazing, lives alone and is very active and busy with family and friends. She works out with a personal trainer a couple of days a week! Go, Mom!  She’s also fun and funny (guess it runs in the family) and always interested in people, places, and new things.  I think her curiosity about life keeps her young at heart.  I hope I have inherited her genes.

And today Rich and I also celebrate our anniversary. Twelve years of marriage to this guy have been the best.  We’ve had lots of adventures and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  He’s fun and funny (fits right in with the rest of the family), smart and talented, and, of course, who doesn’t want a chef for a husband?!  We didn’t start out till we were almost 50 so I hope we still have lots of years ahead of us.

Love, love, love to these special people in my life!


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