Kids “Cook”

Last week I picked up Elle and Beck after school and they were both literally jumping for joy that they were given a small paperback kids’ cookbook by their teachers that day.  It was sponsored by a local hospital and was full of “healthy snacks.”  They couldn’t wait to make some! So we told them to pick a couple they liked, pick a day, and we’d get together to prepare them.

Monday they were off school for Martin Luther King Day and Sarah asked if we could babysit in the afternoon so she and Miles could go to a movie.  Perfect timing!  The kids picked two recipes each and Sarah texted us the ingredients that she had on hand. We brought some other ingredients to their house, then Rich and Beck went to the store to get the remaining items while Elle and I began prepping.

First up, a berry smoothie, which ended up being the fave of the day.  They had fun fixing it and enjoyed the taste.  Next, a “bubble fish,” which was basically a clementine arranged in the shape of a fish with a fanned tail, finished off with a slice of grape for the mouth, a chocolate chip for the eye, and some blueberries for bubbles.  They also liked this one and ate it up.  Third, “someone” had picked a tortilla roll up containing cooked sweet potato with banana slices and some seasoning.  The kids didn’t even want to taste it and both denied picking it.  Beck even tried to blame his Daddy.  Elle said it was Beck’s pick (which I think it was).  Rich and I ate a little bit of it–it wasn’t bad.  Elle barely took a tiny taste and threw it away.  Beck wouldn’t even try it. Thumbs down! The final pick was spiced pears.  We mixed up some honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.  The kids enjoyed making the sauce and pouring it over the sliced pears.  We warmed them up in the microwave.  Nope, not a success. They didn’t like those either. Meanwhile, their friends kept coming to the door and wanting to play so I made them help clean up the kitchen and off they went.

In summary:
Smoothie:  YES!  So cool to put everything in the food processor!  And it tasted great!

Bubble Fish: YES!  Cute and delicious!

Tortilla Roll Ups: NO WAY!!  Who wanted those?? Not me!! Not me, either!! Daddy did!!  Daddy’s not even home!

Spiced Pears: NOT SO MUCH.  But it was awesome making the sauce!

Chef Grandpa:  These were lame and we could have come up with better stuff ourselves!

Still a fun time!



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