I traveled to Austin on Saturday morning to meet my sister, three of my nieces and some of their friends for the Women’s March.  If you’ve been reading this blog long, you are aware that I am not pleased with the election of Donald Trump so it only made sense to join the legions of women marching in opposition to his policies, his behavior, his words, and his plans for the country we all hold dear.

Along the road, it was foggy 3/4 of the way but by the time I arrived in Austin the day was sunny and warm.  Just perfect for a march and a rally, in fact, the weather got a little bit hot while we were out on the streets. What a glorious day we had!  50,000 of our new best friends converged on the State Capitol as we voiced our dissent, heard music and speakers, made our point that we are here, we are informed, we are not backing down, we are not afraid and we will not let the president unravel the gains we have made.


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