Hoopin’ it up

Aidan is playing on the 7th grade basketball team at school and we’ve been wanting to go to a game all season long but it never seemed to work out.  Monday was his last game so we drove to Clyde for the day, hung out with Susan till the kids got home from school, played a game of Rack-o with Ally, went to eat pizza, and then to Aidan’s game at 6:30.

Seventh graders are pretty tough!  They had a hard fought game which ended up tied 17-17.  They then played an overtime period but no one scored so I guess the tie stands.  Both teams were pretty scrappy, went after the ball, and tried to grab it from each other at any opportunity.  They weren’t the best at shooting baskets but they sure did try!  Aidan made two points so that was pretty exciting!

We had a lot of fun at the game and I’m sorry we didn’t get to see more of them.  I wanted a photo of us with Aidan in his uniform but he skedaddled to the locker room and changed before we could get his attention.  Because I had  volunteer work the next day and we were expecting a furniture delivery as well, we headed back home.  Quick trip,but I’m glad we did it!


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